The PhD program in strategic and security studies in the academy aims to:

*  Contribute in the construction of national strategic and Islamic thinking through directing of teaching staff and students researches.

*  Provide researches in the field of strategy and security.

*  Qualify strategic and security cadres and leaders.

*  Contribute to fulfill the gap of national cadres in the national strategic planning.

Targeted Categories:

* The program intends all MSC graduates of human and applied studies. The holders of MSc in strategic and security studies are preferred in addition to those who have work experience.

* The graduates of applied studies could submit if they have MA in human studies. However, the official language is Arabic. Else languages are considered.

Conditions of Submission and Registration:

*  A student must have BA or BSc with assessment not less than (Good) from a recognized university. For students who awarded (Pass) degree, an experience not less than eight years is required; otherwise the Scientific Council may issue exceptional decision.

*  The MSc or MA in strategic studies from other academic institutions will be fully evaluated to exclude some syllabus in the PhD. The study will not be less than two years.


  • The PhD duration is four semesters in addition to one year for research (minimum), which can be extended by a decision from the Council.
  • The required subjects are twenty (the credit hours are mentioned below). Five subjects are specified for each semester.
  • Exams are conducted at the end of each semester. When the requirements are successfully fulfilled, the student must submit his research plan for a specialized professors committee for approval.

Calendar and Duration

* The final assessment for students in each subject is (50%) for research papers and seminars besides the other academic duties during the semester while the performance in the final exams is (50%). Nevertheless, to be promoted for the PhD, student must have 70% at least as well as to pass all through subjects in order to continue the program and to write the research. Those who fail to obtain the minimum marks are disqualified.  The final PhD assessment includes:

1- Courses of study (40%).

2- The research (60%).

3- Duration of the course is (three semesters – 6 months for each semester) for the study of the prescribed subjects besides one year and a half for the research. The total duration is three years and may extend to a half if necessary.


According to the outlets of Syllabus Development Committee, a fourth semester is added to the program. Thus, the total time of the PhD program is three years; 6months may be added if necessary. Duration of each semester is 6months in addition to 12months for the research. Semesters are divided as follow: