* The duration of study is one year divided into three semesters (15 weeks for each) in addition to local and foreign visits, official and term vacations.

* National security fellowship and MSc of strategic and security studies represent the focal of the MSc program. The course is designed to achieve various objectives of which, to intermingle students experiences in a valuable academic program.

* Nomination for the program depends on number of seats given for regular forces and civil service according to qualifications mentioned in the regulation of the Academy courses. Each course contains a group of distinguished elites from different military, security and civil service institutions.

* A student is awarded national security fellowship ( as a vocational certificate) when passes all program requirements in addition to MSc in strategic and security studies

Regular Forces

1-Must have BA or BSc from any recognized university

2- Fellowship by a recognized Academy.

3- A student must be a (brigadier) at least.

4- Full discharge for study.

Civil Units

1- Must have BA or BSc from any recognized university.

2- Must be in the fourth grade in civil service system (at least).

3- Aga (40-50).

4- Full discharge for study.

Objectives of the Study:

  • The study aims to:
  •  Promote strategic and security awareness.
  •  Understand concepts of strategic thinking.
  •  Endeavor to improve and progress strategic management.
  •  Recognize concepts, theories and types of strategic planning.
  •  Capacity building and to acquire skills in computer, research methodology and English language.
  •  Endeavor to promote the methodology of strategic analysis.
  •  Recognize economic, social and political functions and roles of international and regional organizations.
  •  Develop political strategy and understand international politics from strategic views.
  •  Recognize developmental and economic strategies.
  •  Recognize the strategic aspects in economic policy.
  •  Endeavor to develop social engineering and behavioral alteration.
  •  Understand concepts and duties of modern management.
  •  Recognize characteristics of Islamic strategic thinking.
  •  Understand economic, political, social and security hazards of globalization.
  •  Recognize duties and characteristics of security media.
  •  Understand the environmental perspective in national strategic planning.
  •  Perfect process of acquiring skills in security information system.
  •  Recognize arts and strategy of negotiation.
  •  Recognize concepts of human and national security.
  •  Promote and development of security studies, strategic planning and the concept of extensive security.

The Syllabus of Fellowship and MSc by Semesters