The training center is considered to be on the communication channels between the academy, ministries, governmental institutes and civil community organizations ( an authenticated organization that provides training services and high quality public cultural events as well as building participatory and collaborative relationships with governmental sectors, community foundations and international destinations, to fulfill quality outputs with an effect that leads to the positive changes that would be implied on the surrounding community.

The concept of training in the ideology of the leadership training center in the academy surpasses the traditional concept of being limited on organizing traditional training courses and granting pass certificates for attendance and participation, it is considered a strategic choice in the system of human resources investment and development in organizations and the country, because leaders are considered to be one of the most important resources that form the basis of which the beacons of development, construction and security stand upon, and as part of these venerations of the leaders abilities, the training is no longer simple study groups in the ideology of the center, it is a complete investment of the human resources which has become the most important resource to all countries and peoples. As for the training –due to the importance of the human resources- it has become the heart of the universal truth for the private sector leaders or the public or the governmental sector or even the non-governmental organizations sector.

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The center seeks to qualify leaderships to fulfill the national and regional security strategy through versed cadres and special training courses.


A distinct national center in training and building abilities of leaderships on both local and regional levels to back up the fulfillment of the strategic and security sides.


The center seeks to achieve a number of goals through its vision and message, the most important ones are

  • Creating a general policy in the national security and strategic planning training fields that suits the needs of the senior leadership on the national and regional levels to achieve more efficiency and raising the capabilities.
  • Spreading the general concept of security and strategic knowledge through making seminars and specialized forums.
  • Qualifying leaderships from regular forces, civil service and the civil community which are connected to the strategic planning and the national security.
  • Providing special cadres in the fields of national strategic planning and national security as well as decision making and applying, assessing and evaluating the strategy.
  • Contributing in richening the national and security cultures by spreading the strategic and security ideology in it different dimensions.
  • Collaboration and strengthening the scientific and cultural bonds with the related to destinations both internal and external.

Center Services

The center can provide the following services

  • Helping in designing a training line as well as determining what is needed for the training according to a scientific vision.
  • Organizing courses outside Sudan as well as inside it if the circumstances and conditions were in need of such courses.

Types of the Courses

Short courses

  • • An average of 20 hours.
  • • 15 courses a year.

Medium courses

  • • An average of 40 hours.
  • • 4 courses a year.

Long courses

  • • An average of 60 hours.
  • • 1 course a year.