Foreign visits to the Bachelor course and the fellowships

As part of the fellowships’ and the bachelors’ as well as the higher diploma courses, the academy executes visits to other countries to witness the experiences of those countries in the different scientific and practical fields and shedding light on the current strategic dimensions as well as the future ones of those experiences specially those related to the strategic administrations and the country’s national security, so as to use of those experiences in increasing the quantity and quality of the learners. Visits to other countries were already executed e.g. the Arab Republic of Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, China and India.

Foreign visits of the Higher Diploma course

The goals which are expected to be fulfilled by the visit are as follow:

  • To identify the different strategies, policies and programs that were applied in the countries visited through field visits.
  • To identify the economical strategy and its application by witnessing different economical activities.
  • To identify the political strategy.
  • To identify the foreign strategy of the country and the role it plays.
  • To identify the social strategy and its numeral applications in order to promote the country using strategies of (education-health-youth-sports-poverty eradication-.. etc)
  • To identify the cultural strategy and its applications through experiences in dealing with ethnicities, nationalities, identities and different religions.
  • To identify the technical strategy and the policies that were followed in developing the different types of modern techniques.
  • Creating relationships with similar enterprises as part of the scientific interchange which is achieved through field visits and to the chosen enterprises to get to know them and witnessing its various academicals and scientific activities or through bilateral meetings with the heads of the envoys as their only participants.
  • Field visits to the most important tourist and historic landmarks, to recognize China with all its history and its inductive culture that had its mark on history, as well as witnessing its experience in making use of the natural elements and its geographical location to create a tourist attracting environment that supports the country’s income with a considerable amount.