Library Definition: -

An information facility within the Academy is managed and operated by it with the aim of collecting information in paper and digital forms, organizing its storage and making it available to the community of beneficiaries inside and outside the Academy.

Library Objectives: -
The library draws its objectives from the goals of the Academy itself and therefore the objectives of the library are the goals of the Academy and can be limited to: -
1- Supporting and developing the curriculum and study and facilitating the means of scientific research in the academy and through the selection and acquisition of information sources in various forms, paper and digital, and organization and storage and make available to the beneficiaries with the latest technological means.

Vision: - (Vision)
Distinguished and leading library in the field of strategic and security studies and the academic portal of the knowledge society and its window towards regional and global.

Message: - (massage)
1- Contributing to enable the Academy to provide distinguished education and research production to serve the community 2 - Contributing to achieve a supportive environment for academic programs encouraging scientific research and servant to the local community by providing sources of information in paper and digital forms in various fields of human knowledge.

Values: - (values)
1- Honesty: (truth) that the library official is honest and honest in dealing with the source of information and his colleagues and the beneficiaries of the library.
2 - the value of justice; (justice) fair treatment of the beneficiaries of the library regardless of interests. Age, gender, religion or origin and job differences.
3. Tolerance: Accepting people's right to information

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