Academy creation

- Various Arab and African delegations have visited the academy because of its regional impact and good reputation in this short period of time. Since 2008, many students have been joining the MSc program from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Comoros, Mauritania, Egypt and Iraq.
- The academy is participating in conferences, symposiums, workshops, and lectures inside and outside the country with related institutions.
- Moreover the academy signed a number of memorandums of understanding with some national and international academic institutions such as:
1. AL Zaeem AL Azhari University-(SUDAN)
2. Omdurman Islamic University-(SUDAN)
3. Naif Arab University of security sciences-(KSA)
5. African ACSRT.

Who are we :

The Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies (HASSS) is specialized in knowledge production and capacity in strategic and security fields to achieve security and stability. The Academy supports and helps decision-makers and higher authorities in decision-making.

Programs :

The academic programs :
a. Higher diploma in Strategic and Security Studies.
b. MSc in Strategic and Security Studies by research (English, Arabic).
c. MSc in Strategic and Security Studies by syllabus and Complementary research.
d. PhD in Strategic and Security Studies by research (English, Arabic)
e. PhD in Strategic and Security Studies by Syllabus and Complementary research.

Publications :

• Scientific magazine of strategic and national security (bi-annual).
• Strategic report of Sudan (annual).
• Strategic issues files (quarterly).
• Books on strategic and security issues.
• Country report.

Centres :

  The academy contains four centres:
  • Leadership Training Centre.
  • Information and research centre.
  • Conferences centre.
  • Early warning unit.

Speech by the Director of the Academy

The Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies was established as one of the higher education institutions to contribute to achieving national security to enhance the country’s renaissance and develop its political, economic, social, strategic and security capabilities.

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About Academy logo

  Derived Academy logo of symbols and words that refer to the following :

  •  Global symbol of the intersections of science in red
  •  Intellectual influence of these intersections in green
  • The eye which symbolizes the monitoring and security in black
  •  Science and represented by studies and research in which scientific methodology followed
  •  The light, and the output beam of thought that illuminates the scientific facts
  •  It insight output options and recommendations and solutions to the problems which supports the academic centers of decision-making through seminars, forums and meetings and publications and academic activities .

Academy structure

Previous Managers

Penalize a lot of managers on the Academy since its inception

2006-2010 Major General Engineer Mohammad Khodjaly Alameen

It was an honor for him to establish academic-style military academy to award degrees Fellowship of national security, where many of the associated programs initiated rings short training in the last thing that was annexed Higher Education to grant master's degree at the Academy for Security .


2010-2013 Dr. Shams AlDin Zain Alabdeen

The administration period represents a strong and firm administration where he was in his many achievements such as the permanent headquarters of the Academy Building, and follow-up work of the new academic, as has the computerization of the public library, in addition to additional scientific doctoral programs and openness in foreign visits as a program .


2013-2015 Dr. Ibrahim Obuaov Mohammed

Former director and current advisor to the Academy, have marched on the approach of his predecessors in the sequel doctoral scientific programs and follow-up program and the new headquarters of the Academy began in the custody of the actual implementation of the academic building .


2015-January 2019 Dr. Tawfiq Ahmed Mustafa Al-Maltham

His tenure was marked by many accomplishments, including:
1 / Moving to the new building.
2 / Amendment of the Academy Foundation Order for the year 2015.
3 / Amending the organizational structure of the Academy based on the founding order.

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Annual statistics


Leadership Training Center


PHD Program


Master's program


Higher Diploma program

A quick tour of the academy campus

You can visit the academy at the time that suits you ... one of our staff will accompanying you.